Closing Our Doors

by .Saric, 2783 days ago


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My dearest of dear online friends,

I have been so terribly sad to see you all moving on from our Clarity, but as Khazan said so well in game a few nights ago, you have to know when it's time.

The founding officers have largely halted regular play. Casiphia left WoW many months ago, and both Rizdach and I have been consumed with real life for well over half a year with no significant play.

The final success of the guild, with its completion of the original goal to down the expansion boss Arthas, is largely due to the work of Favrette (and Favv), Wuey, Larz, and Crypt. I can't thank them enough for doing what needed to be done to keep the life in this group. The guild, itself, will be closing its doors to all but the founding officers and their alts. The rest of you are invited to say your farewells in game on or before next Monday, the 15th of November, at 6pm server. At or shortly after that time, any remaining members will be removed from the guild in game. You will be allowed to retain membership on the site for as long as you wish for community and friendship--which is much of the reason we all stayed together so very long in the first place.

For what it's worth, while life allowed me the time, I had more fun in game with this group of people than with any other team I've played with. You are all great people and I thank you for your civility and teamwork over these 2 years. I will look back on Clarity with incredible fondness. And who knows, perhaps it will again raise its head in another form......perhaps as soon as SWTOR.


Wishing you All the very best.

Your friend,


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